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Red Sea Global Project: Transforming Tourism with Sustainability



The Red Sea Global Project is redefining luxury tourism with a commitment to regenerative tourism. This ambitious venture includes hotels, residential properties, sports and leisure facilities, commercial amenities, and entertainment options, all designed to preserve and enhance the surrounding reef and desert ecosystems. The project emphasizes renewable energy, water conservation, re-use, and other sustainable technologies to achieve its environmental goals.

Project Overview

Management and Valuation: The Red Sea Global Company (RSG), established in 2018 and fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), oversees the project. The masterplan is valued at $17 billion and spans approximately 28,000 square kilometers, including multiple sub-regions.

Phases and Completion: Scheduled for completion by 2030, the project is divided into two phases. It will feature 50 resorts offering 8,000 hotel rooms, over 1,000 residential properties spread across 22 island resorts, mountain retreats, and desert hideaways, in addition to luxury marinas and golf courses.

Development Progress

Phase 1: Focused on developing select island resorts, constructing road infrastructure, utilities, plant nurseries, and labor accommodations.

Future Prospects: Over the next five years, approximately $11.4 billion worth of planned and unawarded projects are anticipated to be tendered as part of Phases 1 and 2.

Business Opportunities

The project offers numerous opportunities across various sectors, including:

  • Construction and Project Management: Infrastructure development, resort and residential construction.
  • Hospitality and Retail: Management and operation of luxury resorts and retail spaces.
  • Entertainment and Leisure: Development of entertainment facilities and leisure activities.
  • Utilities and Power Generation: Infrastructure for water conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable technologies.
  • Transportation and Hard Infrastructure: Development of transportation systems and other essential infrastructures.

Opportunities for U.S. Companies

The Red Sea Global Project presents significant opportunities for U.S. companies across these sectors. Interested companies should register in the RSG Procurement Portal to become suppliers.

Vendor Registration: RSG Procurement Portal

U.S. Foreign Commercial Service Initiative

The U.S. Foreign Commercial Service in Saudi Arabia is organizing an infrastructure working group to highlight U.S. companies in related sectors and connect them with opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

For more information, contact Anwar Shaqhan, Senior Commercial Specialist, at [email protected].

This transformative project not only aims to elevate luxury tourism but also to set a benchmark in sustainable and regenerative tourism practices, creating a harmonious balance between development and environmental preservation.

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